Biographical Sketch: B.L. Ramakrishna
Educational Background  
  Ph.D., (1982) Solid State Science, Indian Institute Technology,
    Madras, India
M.Sc., (1972) Chemistry, Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur
  B.Sc. (hons) (1970) Chemistry, Bangalore University (India)
Relevant Professional Experience
  2011- Director, The Grand Challenge Scholars program at ASU
  2006- Associate Professor, School of Materials
  2002-2005 President, International Science and Engineering Fair -Arizona
  2001- Director, NSF-funded GK-12 project
  1997-2002 NSF-funded Interactive Nanovisualization Project Director
  1995-1997 NSF/REU workshop Program Director
  86 papers in refereed professional journals (including one in Nature and one in Science), 44 presentations at conferences, 2 plenary lectures, 2 book chapters, 1 article in Encyclopedia, 1 invited review article and 1 patent disclosure
Synergistic activities
Director, The Grand Challenge Scholars program at ASU and chair of the Steering committee to coordinate Grand challenge-based educational activities for FSE undergraduates, Project Director, NSF/EHR-funded Interactive Nano-Visualization for Science and Engineering Eduaction, Project Director, NSF/DUE-funded Adaptations in Real-time Remote Interactive Visualization for Education, Project Director, NSF/DGE-funded “ Down to Earth Science”, a GK-12 project, Project co-director NSF-funded “Internships for creating presentations on Nanotechnology at a science center” Teaching graduate level courses- “Inquiry-based K-12 Science teaching and learning”, “Ceramics and Biology”, an upper division interdisciplinary undergraduate level course and “Nanotechnology: Perspectives and Entrepreneurial Opportunities” and “Perspectives on the Grand Challenges for Engineering” as well as an introductory science courses that satisfy Science and Society requirement for non-majors “Our Marvelous material world- Engineered and Evolved” and “Materials and Civilization”
External Funding Summary
  Since 1993, Ramakrishna has received 25 education-related research, teaching innovation and outreach grants (total funding $9.75M) and has been the PI of 15 grants with funding ~ $8.0M and co-PI of 10 of them ~ funding $1.75 M from NSF, DOD, industry, and private foundations.

Nanotechnology Education Collaboratory


B.L. Ramakrishna and Vincent Pizziconi
Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering
Arizona State University, Tempe, Az, USA


The nanotechnology workforce needed to support the envisioned global market is projected to be 7 million by 2015 of which it is estimated that 80% of this critical workforce will be comprised of engineers. Concomitantly, it is believed that a significant fraction of this workforce will be responsible for advancing the enabling nanotechnologies that are expected to be key drivers to ultimately address the global engineering grand challenges that were announced by the National Academy of Engineering (NAE) meeting in October 2008.


Arizona Nanotechnology Education Collaboratory (AzNanoTEC) will address the pressing need to transform STEM education at three levels, i.e., K7-12, undergraduate engineering and graduate engineering education levels. It will do so by utilizing the rapidly emerging enabling cross-disciplinary nanotechnologies to address the diverse grand challenges of the 21st century in a ‘minds on/hands on service learning’ approach.


The presentation will cover the plan to design, develop and deliver nanotechnology-based, engineering modules relevant to grand challenges. The activities include, translation of research at the cutting edge into curriculum, teacher professional development, integration of meaningful lessons into the classroom and the participation of undergraduates and graduate students to ensure success.

The long-term goal is to develop a Global Nanotechnology Education Collaboratory (GNanoTEC) that will allow the assembly of multinational engineering education teams to address the grand challenges using the appropriate nanotechnologies in societally responsible ways.

吳炳慶 Ping-Ching Wu

  研究方向: 奈米科技於臨床與基礎醫學之應用、分子腫瘤學及基因


  開授課程: 轉譯奈米醫學之應用、分子影像應用、分子細胞生化學


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